During this tour, we will visit an herb market, where you can find a cure for every ailment, from digestion problems to impotence. Furthermore, Wheely will visit a former slaughterhouse together with you and spend some time in Duolun Road – where poets, writers and revolutionaries used to gather and get their inspiration. There is also the chance to visit the Jewish synagogue and learn more about the history of the Jewish settlement in Shanghai, which is truly a story you have never heard before.
Throughout this whole tour, we will ride through old neighborhoods, but at the same time pass giant construction sites – to show you a city undergoing constant change.

The Hongkou tour is definitely recommended for those who would like to see a new side of the city. It’s the longest of our tours, but absolutely worth the trek!

Tour details

How long Lasts about 5 hours.
How much 350 RMB per person
What’s included? – City Bike
– Wheely City Guide
– Entrance to synagogue and museum
– Water
– Helmet or Rainwear if needed
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