This tour is for the early birds among us, so consider yourself warned!

Leaving at 6:30 in the morning, Wheely takes you to one of Shanghai’s parks to see the city waking up n the traditional way. In the park, you’ll see people practicing different kinds of T’ai Chi, flying their kites, ‘walking’ their birds and brushing up on their dance routines. It’s a great sight to take in – it’ll almost make you forget it’s really early! From there, we’ll go on to the Old Town for a local breakfast and a taste of Chinese tea, as well as a look around the traditional neighborhoods.

After that, we’ll visit the insect market to find out more about another favorite pastime of the retired Shanghainese.

All in all, this tour gives you a taste of the real Shanghai – definitely a side of the city you haven’t seen before!

Tour details

How long Lasts about 5 hours.
How much 450 RMB per person
What’s included? – City Bike
– Wheely City Guide
– Local breakfast
– China tea ceremony
– Bottled water
– Helmet or Rainwear if needed
Meeting point

 Real Shanghai Cafe, No. 429 Yan ‘an West Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai

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